RapidWeaver FTP publishing issue

I checked my FTP path is correct and the program can connect to my FTP server successfully and upload all the files. But when it finishes, I cannot access the webpage for some reason. It is an error 404. Here are some more information about my setup settings.

  1. For the General Settings, there’s a section called Web address, and I entered “https://example.com/blog/”.
  2. For the Publishing section in Settings, there’s also a Website address, and I left blank because it seems like the program has a default setting for that, so it’s showing “https://example.com/blog/” in a lighter colour.

I hope I can fix this as soon as possible. Thanks for your help!

I’m not sure this is the solution in this case but in both places I have my web address in regular text. So I suggest entering the address also in the Publishing section for website address.

… on the other hand, what really catches my attention is your address seems bogus. Is your hosting site really “example.com”? I don’t believe that’s correct. In addition it seems like you have your website pointing to a specific page: “blog”. Is this also correct? Both seem like they are wrong.

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