HTTPS/Cloudflare problems

(Garth Poon) #1

Hi everyone,

I followed the instructions from this blog post, but I’m still getting browser errors.

Does anyone know why I’m still getting errors?


(Joe Workman) #2

Works fine for me if you go to the https site. You will want to setup a redirect from http to https. You can do this in Cloudflare page rules or via your htaccess file.

(Doug Bennett) #3

What error message are you getting?
You do have to specify https
As Joe mentioned you need to add redirects to force https:

(Garth Poon) #4

I’ve already set up the page rules in CloudFlare, but they don’t seem to be working…

(Peter Danckwerts) #5

I’ve looked at it in Safari, Chrome and Firefox (all for Mac) and Chrome for android and I can’t see any browser errors.

(Doug Bennett) #6

They definitely aren’t working. Double check the rules and then screen shots if you’re still having issues.

(Garth Poon) #7

I appreciate all of your help, everyone!

Here’s a screenshot of my Cloudflare settings

(Doug Bennett) #8

Try removing the dot . between the http://* and the domain name.

(Garth Poon) #9

It looks like things are working now…I guess I just had to wait a bit until all the changes trickled down through the internet. Thanks for the input everyone!

(system) #10

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