Moving to HTTPS & Cloud Flare

Quick question. I’m with GoDaddy, (sweet jebus, save me), and I’ve found trying to use their SSL system a complete and utter NSFW TIRADE of a cluster-fudge. So, Clouflare to the rescue. If I’m using cloudflare, and I check the “always use HTTPS” toggle to “ON” and setup a page redirect to force HTTPS as well, do I still need to put in a redirect into the .htaccess file?

Cheers, and thank you.

nope… one redirect will do, in fact, if you put one in an htaccess file and you don’t have a cert, Cloudflare won’t be able to get to your site.


Thanks @teefers quick follow up - I feel like the always use HTTPS toggle “on” means you shouldn’t need the page rule. All the instructions I’ve seen have it, but they’re all a few months old, so I’m wondering if CloudFlare added this toggle, making the page rule redundant.


Here’s their help for that toggle

Always use HTTPS
Reply to all requests for URLs that use “http” with a 301 redirect to the equivalent “https” URL. If you only want to redirect for a subset of requests, consider creating an “Always use HTTPS” page rule.

I have always used page rules, but I don’t remember that toggle before. If you’ve got it set you can test it by trying http requests and see if they come back secure.

Thanks @teefers!

@teefers Looks like I found the answer in their forums. Looks like there’s no need for page rules.

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