Huge amount of files

I only have 1 website created with RW8.6. It’s a file of 2.48GB
When I’m searching for Rapidweaver in the Finder, all the files together take more than 8GB of space.
Something wrong?

Hi Bert,


That does sound a lot, do you have lots of images, videos? Do you have the url of your site?

@bert1 I am unsure how you are measuring things. Exactly how are you seeing/finding the measurements of 2.48 Gb versus 8 Gb of space? Both on the finder? One published on a server? Other?

The url is

I suppose the 2.48GB file is site that is uploaded. And the 8GB files are those that are found by a uninstaller application(AppCleaner) see screenshot.

Other screenshot. Are there maps or files that can be deleted?

@bert1 I am guessing that you are confusing things. From your screenshot it seems you are providing all the files associated with RapidWeaver 8: the app. Could it be 8 Gb? I guess so. This is including the app itself but things associated with it: stacks and the such.

But this is different from the specific project file. I have no idea what it is named but it’s probably something like rttk.rw8 or similar. If your project file itself is 2.48 that’s very very large: probably due to images and videos embedded. But it’s also different from your Rapidweaver app.

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