Rapidweaver 8 - no "recent files" view

A minor detail - it worked fine in previous version but never did since I upgraded.

I don’t know why it irritates me - but it does!

It will start to repopulate the, Open Resent once you’ve started opening projects with the new release. This is a macOS thing, not specific to RapidWeaver.

Never rely on Open recent to find files.

Always save files of any kind where you can find them.


Because there are no recent files that have been opened by that app. Recent files; like the ability to open, save, print etc are MacOS functions NOT the apps (RW in this case).
I assume you’ve gone from RW7 to RW8 or from 8.x to 8.1 in which case its a new app to your Mac and therefore it has no recent anything.

The recent file list is a convenience NOT a file system. NEVER rely on it as a means of accessing your files IN ANY APP … learn how MacOS files and folders work and get familiar with Finder.


OK fellas - thanks for your replies. :+1:

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