I am blocked from buying stacks

I recently tried to buy a stack and entered the wrong code from the back of my credit card too many time. Now it would seem that even if I enter the proper code it still does not let me buy any stacks. Is the stack buying website a global one or vendor specific? I email one of the vendors and he said he did not see me in his blocked list.

Any tips will definitely be helpful.

contact the developer, if they are using cartloom, it is easy for them to unblock.

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After contacting the developer perhaps invest 1Password. It is a wonderful program for our lives that are so tied to the web these days. It also allows you to set up credit card information. It also remember every password you ever use for you.

Thanks John. Good suggestion. The developer actually steps up and gave me the Stack. (Not sure if I should have said this) butI have had really good luck with them. I am planning on getting more stacks so I am still definitely looking for a solution.


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Thanks Zeebe.

I did email the the second vendor but have not yet email the first one that it got blocked on. I will try that next.


+1 for 1Password. It’s awesome.

Also: yes, contact the developer. we always get a few honest folks that get accidentally blocked by overzealous credit-card security. It just takes about 10 seconds to unblock them – then they can try again.

And to answer your question directly: is there a “global website” for stacks? No. Each vendor is independent – however, like all online businesses, we all collect money through PayPal, Stripe, and the credit card companies. Those large payment processors are global and do maintain their own lists of declined cards.

But assuming your card (or PayPal account) is valid, then it’s usually just the vendor’s web store that puts a short-term block on too-many repeated attempts to enter CC info. And that’s usually easy to rectify.


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Hey Isaiah:

So I contacted the first vendor and it was indeed locked by him.

Thanks to all of you for your help.



glad to hear it