FIXED: Cart 2 Stripe now working

On my website there a various products to be bought. Since today the Stripe checkout is no longer responding. The Paypal is doing okay.

I’m using Cart 2 from yuzool. The site is

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Just tested my demo versions @SirDwar and all is working fine

So couple of questions:

  • have you changed anything on your site today - did you do a RW publish? e.g. did you change a setting in the cart or publish site with a newer Cart version?

  • did you update the Stripe api on the Stripe dashboard today?

  • anything else you can think of that might have affected it

It’s unlikely it would suddenly stop working unless something would have changed.

Stripe status can also be checked here:

Hello Michael,

Thanks for your swift response.

I have not changed any settings - I know programs do not act on their own - but no change has been made to the Cart stack…

The stacks i’m using are the latest all 2.3.6

My client tells me he did not update his Stripe Keys…

I made a mini site on

with only a cart Paypal disabled and there also the button does not work.

The client tells me he is loosing business so if you can have a look I would be most grateful….



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Thanks @SirDwar

Not this … did he update the Stripe API setting in the Stripe Dashboard?
What version of Stripe is he running. It’s tested this side all the way to the latest version.

The client tells me he is loosing business so if you can have a look I would be most grateful….

Tell them not to panic and PayPal can still accept credit cards without a PayPal account in most countries so he shouldn’t be losing much…

Will take a look at your demo, but would be more grateful if you could private message me here a download link to your RW project so I can see what was entered in the project…

Does this help?

Could it be something to do with the “discount_amount”? Maybe that’s not the error, but worth checking.

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Thx for your reply I will have a look…

Indeed this is one of the problems - Can I ask the forum - can some other Cart users send me their URL so I can have a look at their websites?




What I already tried to get the stripe button working again.

Opened a Stripe account to fill in my own test keys

Put the content on with an other hoster

Put Rapidweaver on an other computer and restarted the file

Filled in other content then “0” in the discount and discount amount

All these have no effet - the Stripe button does nothing - if clicked nothing happens

the only way you get the pop-up to fill in your details is when you put eg “discount 1” “discount amount 1” The with my new test keys the stack works in piping open the modal to let you fill in the details…

Hope you find a solution - I have run out of options - and have no ability to write the correct code…

Jeroen Born from Portugal is having the same issue and asked to let him know…
His site is
Like you can see also an unresponsive Stripe button…



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Thanks @SirDwar - it was a bug with discounts which was fixed today in an update.

Please update and republish your site with 2.3.7

We can close this thread as “fixed” now :slight_smile:

Cart 2.3.7

  • Fix for Stripe cart checkout not working with items that were not discounted

Thanks for the good work - And that over the WE

Excellent service…Everything is in working order…

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Thanks @SirDwar and great to hear it :heart_eyes::fire:

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