I am using a Plug In page, how do i get my partials into the page?

(tim parsons) #1

I think i am loosing it, it cannot be that difficult, i am sure i have done it before with WeaverPix.

I have a Rapidviewer PlugIn page in my current project, i have a PDF file dragged in to the main content area.

But i am dammed if i can remember how to get my Background Partial and Footer Partial into the page ?

I guess i will have to use PlusKit, but how can i import a couple of Partials ?

Hoping someone can help an old un !!


(Christopher Watson) #2

I haven’t used pluskit for a few years but probably best if you @import the plugin page into the stacks page.
Set out your stacks page with the partials then import the content from the plugin page to the area you want it.

(tim parsons) #3

@bitbumpy Thanks buddy, where does the @import(()) part go ? please.


(Christopher Watson) #4

Wherever you want the content to appear.

(tim parsons) #5

@bitbumpy Thanks Chris, i’ve got my brain in gear a little more today LOL, i should have known the answer already, i have done it before with WeaverPix doh !!!