Pluskit Import not working or maybe I wrong

Hi guys,
I use Rw 5.4 and pluskit 2, maybe I wrong but I want to use plus kit to import page into another page
E.G I use to update the footer of my pages with news and don’t want updates or publish all the content of pages, so I use plus kit with @import((footer)) command in any page. I think this was the right way… when I update the footer and I publish it all the pages have already updated! But this don’t happen! I have to publish and update all the pages… Who’s wrong?
Any Help?

Pluskit is for importing the contents of a page. If you want to import smaller elements look at a stack like teleporter from Doobox (if they still make it).

Best of all - if I understand your requirements correctly - upgrade to RW7 and Stacks - and use Partials. This is the best way to update once and have the updates appear wherever you want.

I don’t think that’s going to happen. You are referring (I think) to “php includes” which call a snippet of code that is already on your server. If you change the snippet and upload it then when each pages calls it, the new code is executed. I utilize “includes” sometimes but that’s not for the average RW user. I believe a main goal and “purpose” of RW is for users not to not have to deal with such things such as “includes” in this “manual” way.

Consider using Stacks plugin and it’s Partials which will do what you are asking. But changes are applied to each page, thus those pages need to be uploaded (published) for the change to take effect.

RapidWeaver builds a “static site” meaning that (mostly) it doesn’t rely on back-end scripting to get things done. So if you want something to change on one of your pages – then that page has to be republished. And if you want something to change on ALL of your pages (like a footer) then ALL of your pages need to be republished.

Obvious PlusKit and Partials make that job a bit easier – less typing at least – but you will still need to republish all the pages.

That said, there are some stacks and plugins that do use php to do things like you suggest, but neither PlusKit or Stacks partials work that way by default – it would limit things to only users who had Php installed (nowadays almost everyone, but it hasn’t always been that way).


Thank you all for the answer!
I think I have to change my site…

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