I can't find how to update a theme

I’ve just bought @joeworkman’s Foundation theme and stacks and am going through the tutorials. I’ve noticed that already there are updates to the theme, which is great, but I’m struggling to recall how to update the theme itself. I went to the Waterfall site as I know that helps to automatically update themes doesn’t it, but in the video it did say Foundation wasn’t quite on the list yet.

Any pointers greatfully appreciated.

Since RapidWeaver has no way to update themes yet, you can do this one of two ways. Get the Waterfall plugin


Or each time a theme update is available, get it here

Current version of the theme is 1.7.4, current version of the stacks is 1.7.14, yes, they are different.


Every time you klick on the “Preview” Button in a foundation project in Rapid Weaver there will be a popup-window if updates for foundation are available.

On top, in the library sidebar or popover or window, there ist an update icon on the bottom. If you click there RW will search for any available updates.

Not true, RapidWeaver does NOT update themes…hopefully some day, but not yet.

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Thats correct, but Foundation is not a theme as the others but a framework with a collection of stacks. So Foundation you can update as i described it.

For “normal” Themes you are completly right.

The Foundation suite consists of BOTH stacks and a theme.
So the stacks will update automatically BUT just like any other theme it has to be updated either manually or via the waterfall plugin.


Ok so if Waterfall isn’t available for Foundation yet, then I need to download the new theme and install it, which will overwrite my old version.

So what happens again with sites I’ve already created using the now out of date theme?

If I alter my existing sites to the new theme, they’ll lose all of their existing theme styles and go back to default?

I’m struggling to find instructions on the process and how to keep all of your existing styling when you update a theme.

Oh balls sorry @zeebe I must have been looking at an old link (again) when I saw that Waterfall wasn’t ready yet, but I’ve just reread above and I see that you list it, so I’ll go get it thanks :slight_smile:

never mind…

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