Foundation Update Problems

I have a website that tells me that I need to update to Foundation 1.8.1. When I check I am on 1.8.3 and updates tells me there is nothing. I have tried signing off and on. Any suggestions?

Foundation Stacks or Theme?
I believe there have been updates to both.

The stacks you can update via the Stacks updater (built in)
The theme you will need to do manually unless you have waterfall

I do have waterfall and I have the theme and stacks. The problem is that the website seems to want me to go back to 1.8.1 when I am on 1.8.3 and I don’t know what to do about that.

I don’t know what you mean by signing off and back on.

Did you quit and restart RW after you installed the new theme and stacks?
Did you then go to files menu and republish all files?

The Foundation Stacks are at 1.8.3 The Foundation Theme hasn’t gone above 1.8.1, I don’t believe. I don’t want to sound like a broken record but it sounds like it’s your theme that needs updating. In case Waterfall isn’t picking up the update, maybe try downloading it from scott’s link above (, installing it, and then restarting RW.

@jabostick is correct, the latest version of the stacks is 1.8.3 and the latest version of the theme is 1.8.1. There is not always a need to update the theme when the stacks get updated.

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