Your Foundation Stacks are out of date


before i start, this question has been raised back in 2016, but reading through that feed did not solve my issue right now…

I´m working with RW 8, have just updated to Stacks 4 and also updated Foundation. Now when I walk down to the “Master Style” in Rapidweaver, I see three Errors:

  1. Your Foundation Stacks are out of date. Please update to version v.

  2. Your Foundation Theme is out of date. Please update to version v.
    Download the latest theme from

  3. Foundation theme not applied! Please set the Foundation theme as the theme for this project.

Regarding 1. and 2. I did…

Regarding 3 - when I open the “Themes” dialog “Foundation” is highlighted and of course, it was before.

I haven´t noticed any issues yet, but feel not comfortable with this error messages in place.
What may I do?

The Master Style feature in RW does not work with Foundation. You need to simply preview one of the pages that you are working on.

ah OK - so I don´t have to worry about it. THANKS Joe

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