I can't re-do this parallax style page?

hi gang!
I was trying to do a drag and drop website exercise that you can easily do on square space or wordpress but I wanted to prove that you can use Rapidweaver for that too and suddenly I get this issue: every other web builder automatically masked the pictures or backgrounds to do this triangle bottom on them and it seems impossible to do with RW! Am I missing something here? or you can’t use RW for fast drag and drop websites like this one?

Exercise page:

What I could do on RW: My Rapidweaver first try

My friend went with Wordpress anyway but I can’t sleep until someone tells me how to do this in RW. any ideas??

Take a look: http://www.ibize.com/paral/

I’m trying to see what you did in my iPad pro 2019 and it doesn’t have any parallax effect or at least I don’t see the pictures overlapping each other as the example? It was intentional or an iPad problem?

doesn’t work on iPad

For the triangle effect try BWD’s Bevel Stack https://www.bigwhiteduck.com/stacks/bevel/

For a parallax effect that should work on mobile/tablet look at shakingthehabitual’s Parallaxer stack https://shakingthehabitual.com/stacks/parallaxer/

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BWD’s stacks seems to be the way to do it on these cases.

But take a look as well 1LD’s Shape Sector stack. It has handy shape tool on stack site that generates code for the shapes that are not in shape library by default.


OMG! Yes!!! Thanks for that Bevel stack! I love 1 little designer stacks too, but Bevel is the way to go

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