STACKS for dumb beginners (solved)

Hi I’m totally new to RW, I bought a couple of themes and the Layers stack
from Defigra but he never replies to me. I have v1.26 he upgraded it about the time I bought it to 1.28 I can’t drag and drop it into my web page as per the online training video I saw.

If anyone can assist me, I’d appreciate it.

Hi there. Do you have the Stacks plugin from YourHead Software?


Hi, I think I have that but I did try to drag it over and that also did not work.

Hi I definitely have that as well, I tried to create a new project clicked add saw stacks I see a blank page with the arrow that says drop stacks here.

But when I try, nothing happens

Have you tried dropping any other types of stack onto your stacks page? Just to be sure your’e not missing something obvious:

  1. Create a new project
  2. Click on the + add symbol (top left) and add a stacks page - as you mentioned you’ll see an arrow ‘drop stacks here’ on the page
  3. Open library (upper left) and drag any stack from there to the ‘drop stacks here’ arrow. If it is a text stack, enter some text. If an image stack, drag a suitably sized image into it. If it it is a column or grid stack theses are ‘containers’ and you need to add other stacks inside them such as image / text.
  4. Once the stacks are in place you can individually control margins, padding, borders, backgrounds etc from the inspector menu on the right along with any controls specific to the stack.
  5. When adding 3rd party stacks, you need to download, open and double click them to install into your library. Don’t drag the stack item from the desktop or download folder to the page

Hopefully this gets you started.

Hi thanks for the reply, I have v7.02 and in that version the stacks are on the right side I only have the two stacks and neither will drag over. I did the install correctly as i see the stacks in the proper folder…

Really frustrating zero support options.

“the stacks are on the right side”

Hi David,

This bit of your post is confusing as Stacks are shown in a library on the left – this has been the case since about 2010.

I suspect that either you don’t have the most recent version of the Stacks plugin, you don’t have the Stacks plugin, or perhaps we’re just talking about different things.

Just to make sure, download it from here:
Unzip it, and Double click to install.

The most recent version of Stacks is v3.1.0

Although we probably can’t answer questions about the DeFliGra stack in particular, our support folks would be happy to help you get Stacks installed and working. If you’d like to talk to them, please don’t hesitate:


Hi thanks for the reply, on the left side of v7.02-3 I see the plus symbol shows stacks, I have the your head 3.1 you mention, I bought layers and just now I bought photo by nick cates, whom I spent c note on a couple of his themes.

I have a couple of pics but on the right side of the menu tool bar you’ll see addons and I see my stacks there

I admit I am a beginner 100% can you tell me what your procedure is to add a stack.


You need to click the library to find the stacks, see this:

One more thing: RapidWeaver Classroom has a good (and free) intro to getting started with Stacks. Highly recommended:



Ok both of you guys are the bomb! I got it, but I don’t understand why I see the stacks in two other areas and it won’t let you drag and drop…

The Addons Manager is just that, a place to view your addons. You can mark some as favorites, but they will not work with the Stacks favorites area. It is because Stacks is a 3rd party addon and not part of RapidWeaver.

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The Addons Manager is a place to see and manage all types of addons. Not just Stacks, but Themes and Snippets and Plugins too.

There is definitely a bit of overlap in functionality with the Stacks Library. But I think when you’ve used RW/Stacks for a bit you’ll find that the overlap is mostly superficial. The Stacks Library does quite a bit more that’s really specific just to Stacks: e.g.: partials, images, view-modes, sorting, grouping, updating, etc.

I was completely new to Rapidweaver and Stacks a few years ago and had the same type of questions. All I’ll say is stick with it once you get familiar with both and how they work you won’t look back.

Although I used different software in the past like iWeb and Freeway nothing beats Rapidweaver + Stacks in my opinion.


thanks for the kind words @Jamie1. :slight_smile:

Jamie and Isaiah, you’re right but man is it a tough app to understand, I guess I didn’t understand and still don’t understand the stacks concept or how the stack’s page is not a page but a layer. I’m 15 years into photoshop so I understand layers but I still don’t understand that defligra company really bad way to treat customers no updates or info on it or zero and I mean zero replies on a question they probably could have answered.

@DFPHOTO Hi David, no offense meant, but I think I have to come to DeFliGra’s defense. The problem you did have had nothing to do with the stack you have bought from him. This problem would have been there with any of the thousand stacks on the market. The problem was that you didn’t know at all how to use the Stacks plugin and additionally were confused with the Addons Manager of RapidWeaver. But you addressed a 3rd party developer (DeFliGra) to solve this for you respectively to help you with this. And that’s definitely not his “job”. The correct contact person would have been Isaiah from YourHead Software (who already chimed in – helpful as always) and Realmac Software. But nobody can blame you for that, since – as a beginner – you didn’t see the wood for the trees. :wink: And I absolutely do understand this, since RapidWeaver + Stacks + 3rd party stacks are a “beast” which has to be tamed; but this can take some time… :slight_smile:


Clear and your conclusion is a great summary. But I wouldn’t call RapidWeaver a “beast” but a “pet,” you have to give it some love first otherwise it can bite you in the “behind” :wink:

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It would be considerate to change the title of this thread - maybe change to something such as “Can’t understand Stacks - SOLVED”.

@EricW I think Matthias is right about RW. It does need a commitment to learn how to understand the basics and if you don’t learn the basic stuff, you can get into a state of frustration and confusion and start to look for people to blame.


@EricW “Pet” sounds nicer, you’re right :slight_smile: Hm, but what pet? Maybe a pitbull? :wink:
But I also agree to what Gary says. Understanding the basics should come before anything else, otherwise you risk to shipwreck…

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