I have an Offsite Page that removes the Themes, Header, Footer and Nav Bar

(tim parsons) #1

I have an Offsite Page stack, when the page is Previewed it removes the Themes, Header, Footer and Nav Bar, surely this is not normal, I thought an Offsite Page should simply appear in the Themes Main Content Area, leaving the Header, Footer and Nav Bar intact so that a visitor can select another page on the Site.


(Lisa Sandler) #2

No. An offsite page links to a page not in your Rapidweaver file, so no, it will not have your RW headers, etc.
I think you’re thinking of iframe?

(tim parsons) #3

Ah Lisa, THANKS, i do believe you have hit the nail on the head, BUT:- is there an iFrame stack ?


(Lisa Sandler) #4

Yes :slight_smile:
But also a page style.

(Lisa Sandler) #5

and stack:

(tim parsons) #6

Sorry Lisa, it isnt working !!
that is the page that i am trying to get in the main content page area, i have tried the S4S Embed stack, that works perfectly for a smaller page from the same site http://www.mathcats.com/explore/convert.html

The iFrame plugin page doesnt fare any better. I have avoided using PlusKit for such a long time that i have forgotten how to use it properly !, i know i get the iFrame plug in page into a normal stacks page with @import((page) , i am just not sure where the @import((page)) should go ?

If i can get this page to display correctly i will write to the Author of the Site to get there permission :slight_smile:


(Lisa Sandler) #7

Is your website mathcats.com? or are you trying to get that page into your website? If so, what does your page look like with the 2 options?
Do you have a screenshot of the RW page and your settings?
You shouldn’t need @import with the embed stack.

(tim parsons) #8

Hi Lisa, i really appreciate you trying to get me on the right track, at the moment i am sticking with EMBED, which is used above, but the EMBED stacks contents simply Wipes out the contents of the themes header, nav bar and footer.

LOL, i am not the author of MathCats, i wish i was that clever ! :slight_smile:


(Lisa Sandler) #9

OK, Here’s where I admit I haven’t used an iframe page or embed this way before. I can see what you’re saying. It flashes all my content, then the iframe replaces it.
@willwood suggestions for embed stack or is that the way it works with iframe? or anyone else familiar with using iframe va page or stack?

(tim parsons) #10

Hi lisa, thanks for your suggestions, it isnt the end of the world LOL

i gave a friend of mine the HTML for that page, he is going to split the page into three seperate sections , that might work, i will see

thanks again

Later:- I tried the three separate smaller files, sadly exactly the same result.