Two offsite pages, behave differently ? why

Hi I am using JW’s OffSite Stack to display two pages from another web site on my site.

But sadly, one of them, when clicked, appears on my Site without displaying my themes Menu

Whereas the other displays CORRECTLY with my themes Menu being displayed, the two pages are exactly the same except for the web addresses ?

I do not understand it at all


hmmm, this is very strange. I can confirm your issue. It must be something on the website on the second link that is causing this. Something that is over riding the page. You would have to contact the company who makes it, or maybe someone here can tell why. I have a test page here:

Ok @zeebe thanks for that, I am very pleased it behaves the same for you, I aint as crazy as i thought ! LOL

I had contemplated Copying the HTML (and the JS) into a HTML page or two, but to do that i need the permission of the Author, the email addy is in there somewhere i shall drop them a line to see if i can do that :smile:

ps. @zeebe can you please leave that test page where it is, i can give the link to the author to help me explain what and why i have something in mind thanks.


Yup, will be there for a long time!

@zeebe thanks I will be very surprised if i get any response from the author.