I need an Event Stack


I use the Event stack by 1LD. It’s quite nice but I want to ask if anybody knows an alternative stack? I don’t need a calendar-stack. I need this stack for announcing several concerts. So a classic calendar-view is not helpful.
Thanks in advance for some ideas.

Difficult to know without understanding what it is about the Event stack that isn’t working for you, so when in doubt…have a look at the Poster stack from Instacks. It’s designed for blogging but is incredibly flexible.

I miss several very specific things. So it’s just a question in general if there are any stacks similar to the event stack by 1LD. I just found “classic” calendar stacks which are not so useful for my case. Thanks for the Poster stack tip. I’ll have a closer look.

Something like Flex might suit as well.


1LD created an event demo (last example on page) using the simple tabs stack

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