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(Cathie Turner) #1

I am unable to get this stack - Events by 1LD. Can anyone recommend a Stack that is similar. Having found that one I promised to publish a site by tonight and now I’m in a bind.

(LJ) #2

Why are you unable to get the 1LD stack?

(Cathie Turner) #3

I am guessing their vendor Spry Solutions is having issues and no one responds to me from vendor or 1LD. I bought another Stack from them through Paddle and all went great!

Anyway, lack of response means I have to do a different solution.

Cathie Turner

(Cathie Turner) #4

Have bought it but no downloads or responses from Spry or 1LD in several hours. They are using Spry Solutions and I assume that is where the problem is since anything through Paddle is great.

And time difference is not helping.

(r) #5

Don’t know if you resolved your issue, if you haven’t take a look at the Flex stack:

There’s an example of a calendar style that could be used for events.

(Cathie Turner) #6

Thanks. I bought Flex. It will do the job. Appreciate the tip and appreciate the Weavium Stacks.

(system) #7

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