I use Sitemap plus by LogHound and I upgraded to RW7

(Henrik Hovstadius) #1

I use Sitemap Plus by LogHound and upgraded to RW7. Now RW7 has its own place to for example write the description and when I write the description in Sitemap Plus it will not go in the description box in RW7.
I know that there hasn´t been any updates to that plugin for quite some time and Yourhead has taken over the plugin.

Can I use Sitemap Plus with RW 7 or do I need to update to the one from Yourhead?

I read at Yourheads support page for their Sitemap plugin and it says it requires RW6.
Does that still work fine with RW7?

/ Henrik

(Scott Steven) #2

Yes you can use sitemap plus with RW 7 make sure you are up to date old version caused some issues.

(Greg Schneck) #3

SiteMap Plus is not working properly with my Blog. The generated links in Alpha view are corrupt. This is true for RW 7 and six. It works fine for all other pages except Blog. Anyone else using it OK with the Blog?

(Rico IJntema) #4

I’m also using it with blog, but my links are broken as well. (so I unchecked: Enable blog posts as items in sitemap) I have downloaded the latest version. But still the same. Any fixes yet?