I use Sitemap plus by LogHound and I upgraded to RW7

I use Sitemap Plus by LogHound and upgraded to RW7. Now RW7 has its own place to for example write the description and when I write the description in Sitemap Plus it will not go in the description box in RW7.
I know that there hasn´t been any updates to that plugin for quite some time and Yourhead has taken over the plugin.

Can I use Sitemap Plus with RW 7 or do I need to update to the one from Yourhead?

I read at Yourheads support page for their Sitemap plugin and it says it requires RW6.
Does that still work fine with RW7?

/ Henrik

Yes you can use sitemap plus with RW 7 make sure you are up to date old version caused some issues.

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SiteMap Plus is not working properly with my Blog. The generated links in Alpha view are corrupt. This is true for RW 7 and six. It works fine for all other pages except Blog. Anyone else using it OK with the Blog?

I’m also using it with blog, but my links are broken as well. (so I unchecked: Enable blog posts as items in sitemap) I have downloaded the latest version. But still the same. Any fixes yet?