Site map Plus - Loghound appears to cause problems in 8.1.6

(leigh) #1

Just to say that there appears to be a problem with the Site Map Plus page. Ive it happen on the two sites Ive been working on today.
When I press publish this error appears-see attachment
I delete the page completely and on publish works fine.

(Neil Egginton) #2

Sitemap Plus is now on version 3.1.0. You’ll need to get the latest version from Yourhead. Yourhead took over the Sitemap plugin a couple (or more) years ago.

(leigh) #3

a couple of years ago !!? lol must have missed that upgrade… Its always worked so I never thought to upgrade until today , Im just updating sites , slowly to 8.1.6

Thank s for the heads up , so to speak :slight_smile:


(system) #4

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