I want the thumbsnails not so big

Hello folks,

I use for my Page the Iris Theme from Nick.
You can check it under http://www.tietchen.de

I have the problem with the galleries.

When you load the page for the first time and klick on the first gallerie, it will cost a little time to show the thumbnails.
How can I make this faster ? Make the size (MB) of the thumbsnails smaller, but how ?

Do you have a advice for me ?


Stephan from Germany

Run them through an image optimiser first?

I cut the first penguin shot to half the size by running it through PhotoBulk.


I think that if you are using Nick’s Photo gallery, you have the option to use a separate set of images just for thumbnails (in addition to a set of main images). Make their dimensions much smaller and reduce their quality. They will load much faster that way. Don’t use the option for main images being used as thumbnails as well.

Hmm do you know where to find it ?

Now, you made me to make sure… :laughing: Yes, I was right.

You need to choose “Photo Single” as the option for your Photo Group.

Click on individual photo and enter the Thumbnail address.

At least, that’s how I have it set up. Perhaps there are other possibilities – you might contact Nick for additional info…

P.S. Choosing Photo Single as the option gives you one important benefit: captions.

Sorry I dont use photo group
I use the gallerie of the theme.
I send Nick an email.

Thanks for your help.