I want to become an expert level RW user

Hello all,

My apologies if this is the wrong section. I’m fairly new to RW. Thus far I have only created my portfolio site with RW. Kurtfarr.com . I have a instructional design and video background.

I enjoyed my initial RW experience so much that I would like to further my experience. Could any seasoned users point out some areas of expertise that I should learn in RW that would allow me to build websites for clients. What features should I be able to understand and build for clients?

Thanks much

User experience. Correct website structure and lastly, fancy design.

Thank you

Find websites that you like and replicate them in RW for fun. This is the best way to become a pro.


Great idea. I just watched your rapid weaver basics , round 1 and 2. It was very helpful, thanks

Without a shadow of a doubt the suggestion from Joe is the single most effective training technique.

When I was learning to use RW back at V5 I would find a home page I loved in theme forest then spend a day recreating it in FreeStack Responsive with custom CSS and JavaScript.

In short, find something you cannot do, then do it.

this is indeed a great suggestion. but might be too hard for the RW newcomer.
If you want to avoid frustration I would suggest that prior to rebuilding entire websites you should buy some project files and inspect how these were done. compare preview with edit mode and try to figure out how things are done and why they are done in a certain way. this will give you great insights and help you a lot when you start rebuilding websites by yourself in RW.

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