iCal alternative

Am looking for an alternative to iCal which somehow doesn’t work for my wife who like a weekly or daily overview, like a normal book calendar. It will need to be able to sync with iPhones, but I think that’s standard these days. Basically it’s the layout and visual access to daily, weekly appointments that’s the issue. Can anyone recommend one that you use? I see many in the App Store ranging from free to €50. But I would appreciate user feedback. Thanks

Calendar by Readdle

formidable, reliable, accurate and works with Apple Watch:


Got and trying it out. Although it seems I still have to add new appointments from the inbox into ical before they appear in Calendar! Is this how it works or did I miss something?

Check the settings but yes you can and should be able to add appointments without using iCal. Long press on the day you want to add an appointment to.

Got it up and running and am really enjoying its ease and aesthetic functionality. Thanks for the heads up.