Ice Stack - link external

(Rusty) #1

Hi … does anyone know how to get the links on DooBox Ice Stack to open in a new Tab/Window… ?
I’ve tried using “open in new window” - “rel - external” but no luck … thanks

(Dave) #2

I don’t know sorry. I love the effect, but pretty much gave up on it when I realized it wouldn’t play nicely with Foundation. :frowning:

(Rusty) #3

Many speak fondly of “The Foundation” Dave.
So the news you bring forth, is bit of a bummer. :frowning:


@dave Are you speaking about Ice not being compatible with Foundation, or the external window link challenge with Ice? I haven’t tried the latter, but use Ice on a couple of pages with my own Foundation based site:

(Dave) #5

Thanks Ron- I should have been more specific. When I purchased Ice, I hoped to be able to open the images in a lightbox. I tried several combinations (e.g., Reveal, Expose, prettyPhoto, etc.), but gave up. Perhaps it’s not a Foundation-issue…but a limitation of the stack itself. I just looked at Doobox’s site - and none of the examples open in a lightbox - they all direct to a different page.

Imagine being able to apply Ice to your Graphic Design & Illustration page. That would be killer.


Ahhh, now I follow. You are right about it being a nice combination. I might try a little bludgeoning my head against the wall to see if I can make something work, just for the hell of it.

(Rusty) #7

Thats not as bad as I thought you mean’t Dave …
Thanks for the clarification guys.
Still can’t get an external link though… I have contacted Gary but no response yet.

(Rusty) #8

If you apply <base target="_blank"> it works but obviously I don’t want all links and nav to open externally …

Something so simple that you would expect to just work … by applying target="_blank" doesn’t.

(Dave) #9

Thanks Rusty. I didn’t mean to mislead anybody, and am glad that Ron pointed out that it does work with Foundation.

I remember that I bought it for a specific use and was disappointed to learn that I couldn’t get it to open images in a lightbox. Being that it’s a very cool way to highlight images, I was very surprised at this limitation.

(Rusty) #10

No problem Dave, that would make it a great stack…


Works fine in Foundation but doesn’t open Reveals, Dropdowns, etc which is a big limitation. I did contact DooBox about this issue some months ago, but got the impression that it wasn’t going to change.

Ice is a great stack but could be so much better with more work. I hardly use it.

(Rusty) #12

Thanks for the info Conger … Agreed, it could be awesome with the added usability … :frowning:

(Rusty) #13

Anyone using HoverMate by DK … any limitations there? Thanks

( ) #14

@Rusty I’ve used it on several websites recently - fairly straightforward and works great!

(Rusty) #15

Thanks @Aaron looks great … especially like the use on the builders site. Do you know if HoverMate works with external links and lightbox triggers?


Yes. Hovermate does work with external links and reveals. DooBox - take note.

(Rusty) #17

Thanks @conger good news …!
I “Doo” like the Ice effect but it’s just an effect, too limited to be useful in many situations.