Icons in submenus?

I’m building a website using the Show theme. It’s set so the main menus are ignored. One navigates only with the submenus.
I’d like one of the submenus (6 items) to show an icon left to the text.
Something like
@ sub1


(-) sub3
where @, # and (-) would be replaced by PNG icons.
Is this possible knowing that the submenus are automatically generated?

Thanks for any light.

I don’t know about PNGs but you can certainly add Font Awesome icons.

Just prefix the sub page name in the Pages list with the relevant code, for example:

<i class="fa fa-camera-retro"></i>&nbspServices

I don’t have Show, but this works fine with Corp, another theme from the same company.



Gee, this works. I didn’t know one can put code in the page name… I was sure it would break everything. I’m going to try with a CSS pointing to a PNG… Maybe it works.
Thanks, this is really helpful.

Happy to help. Let us know if it works as others may fancy trying the same thing.


Just tried and it’s pretty easy. Even though I think I will make my own font subset as it’s cleaner and a vector renders always nicely to screen unlike PNGs.

But still. What I did was to add a PNG to the Resources section of RapidWeaver.
I named it icoSettings.
Then, just like you suggested in your post regarding AWFont… I copied the macro of the resource and just pasted it into the “settings” submenu:


Works, but you have to make sure about the icon size. That’s why probably, a font is ways better.

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