Themeflood - little arrows in the navigation

What do I have to do in the Master Style to adjust,
so that in the navigation (if there are submenus) these arrows are displayed?
see attached foto

Thank you for some help!

Hi, click have a read of this article:

Specifically, scroll down to the section Adding Font Awesome Icons to page navigation links.

That covers everything you need to know. Nothing to change in the theme style settings, simply choose your preferred icon markup from the Font Awesome 5 website and enter it alongside the page titles. Inclusion of an extra ‘arrows’ class will ensure these indicators are not shown on the mobile menu or breadcrumbs either.

The project file download is also a good basis to see how it’s done.

Flood theme:


Hi Will,
thanks for your information.
My desired arrow is now in the “webfonts”.
In the title is a class.
Unfortunately, I still made a mistake somewhere!
Can you please help me again?

Hi @miratalu

I honestly do not understand what you are trying to accomplish. Font Awesome icon files are already included in the theme and there is nothing further you need to add.

What you have written and the screenshot bare no resemblance to anything discussed in the knowledgebase, nor the information and sample project file I sent you.

Not sure that I can word it any simpler for you to understand.

Probably best to see if someone else on these forums can translate the information into your language?

Thanks, Will.
I was blind.
Now I’ve inserted the code before each page title with submenu.
Everything works!

Glad to hear you got the navigation indicator arrows working.

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