Help RapidWeaver 8.7 Stacks and Foundation 6

New Imac macOS Big Sur verstion 1.1
Mac Air on high Sierra latest updates
old iMac 2011 same as MacAir just for general use in house

Below installed on new iMac and MacAir

Rapidweaver 8.7, Stacks 4.1.3, Foundation 6
all down loaded over the last week and a bit.

The foundation videos on Rapid weaver site which are very good have followed like many others on uTube and Weaver Space. not using the up to date versions of foundation

I have over the last few days had Rapid Weaver frezz with not responding and had to force quit.

If I use foundation 1.8.1 and create a site it works in that I can see a preview from edit mode as should be on Video
but this gives a miss mach sysnc error with Top Bar menu but will not add other pages to memu.

when I disable 1.8.1 or select Foundation 6 or 6 R-to-L can not see anything in preview mode. using the Foundation menus and the Top Bar one.

I did install stackes4stacks with FreeStyle before and I have disabled that still same issue

I also Removed Rapid Weaver from the iMac and re down loaded from app store but it came back with all stacks and Foundation.

same problem with laptop MacAir which i am leaving till I get the iMac working first.

Any help would be great so I can get playing with it as watched all the videos and read all I can find

You don’t need the Foundation 6 Right-to-Left Theme unless you are working in a language that does run from the right to the left.

You do not need the Foundation 1.8 theme, as this is the theme for Foundation 1

You need the standard Foundation 6 theme that you can download from the Weavers.Space F6 page.

The Foundation 6 theme is v6.7.1

OK will have a look I have been there might of got a bit confused

The Foundation 6 (6.7.1) is set as defalt and the others are un ticked in Preferences

open a new project

select Stakes
theme Foundation 6
Site Styles

Foundation 6 Navigation

Top Bar

still no menu or hamberger in preview mode

all in edit mode
what am doing wrong

Have you watched any of the Foundation 6 tutorial videos?

Have you downloaded and installed the Free Foundation 6 Templates?

That Top Bar menu stack is an ‘empty’ stack that needs populating to create the menu. Download and install the templates, then add the top bar template to the page and unpack it to see how it works.

Here are the video tutorials.

This is the top bar template unpacked.Compare this to the ‘empty’ top bar stack and see how you have to add the menu items yourself.

If you want your menu to be created automatically, then use the Foundation 6 RW Menu stack. Tutorial video here:

That Top Bar menu stack is an ‘empty’ stack (interesting as did get bits with the other)
I shall look at the helpful information you have provided. just had dinner so will have play.

Many thanks

PS: happy new year

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