If Stack within Siphon 1LD


I’m trying to get the ‘if’ stack that comes with Siphon stack from 1LD working, neither the example project that comes with the stack or the example on the 1LD demo page are working either so I’m assuming there is a known problem (I’m waiting for a response to from 1LD support to confirm).

Has any one else experienced the same issue and if so has you come up with a workaround to get similar functionality?

Many thanks



What version are you on? I feel like I’ve seen fixes for the ‘If’ stack in a recent update. I haven’t used it myself though…

Siphon is 1.8.7 and ‘If’ is 1.0.1 - which I believe are the latest.

Yeah that looks right. I also just noticed you referenced their demo page (I thought you meant their demo project). You’re probably right that this is something 1LD has to sort out

I’m sure your right, just wanted to get on with this project so was looking to see if someone else had come up against the same thing and found an alternative (stack or method) to achieve a similar result.

Yuzool had one but I think it came with a monthly fee. I’m not sure there are any others off the top of my head. Maybe FormsPlus by Chillidog, but I’m not positive…