Siphon stack in the wild

Anyone using 1LD’s Siphon stack and care to share a link? I’m particularly interested to see if anyone’s using it to replace a conventional contact form, but any instances would be useful.



I’m using it at
It’s capable of some very clever and complicated things and I’m sure I’m not using it to it’s full capacity but I’m thinking of doing more with it in the future actually.


Cheers Richard. That looks fab and I think it’s just the kind of thing I’m looking for. Do you know if it can be set to submit a copy of the finished form to you and to the sender so they have a record of what they’ve enquired about?


It does, yes.
There’s an Enable Autoreply tickbox in the submit slide for you to tailor a reply with.


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Excellent. Many thanks for this. Looks just the job.

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I’ve tried to use it a few times, it’s a great stack but I found quite complex at times. To be honest I ended up bastardising the sample file that came with it :grin: . Good stack and visually stunning really but I think you have to quite handy to use it properly . Or I’m just old and a little bemused.

It is quite a head-scratching stack, isn’t it? I’ve got it to do pretty much what I want now after about half a day’s experimentation and it’s a really nice variation on the traditional contact form. I think 1LD is producing some really good stuff - out of the ordinary, too.

At the moment the problem I’m having is that GMail flags submitted forms as potential spoofed messages, so that’s the next thing to try and solve if I can. EDIT: The ‘Declare Custom From’ setting has got rid of that spoofed message for me.


I’ve using Siphon-stack as a multi-choice selecter that users can configure their own cheese-platter to put in the rapidcart-shop. Works almost nice but not faultless. There’s something wrong on my site with the display content at the top. Don’t know how to fix this.

Here’s my example-use of Siphon : []

I only bought it today. There’s nothing quite like it and one of the few reasons to still use Rapidweaver.

Sure, it deploys cold hard logic but that’s the point of it. It’s perfect for “funnelling” and a great marketing tool.

I’m still waiting for a RW solution which supports forms with conditional fields which play nice with email receipts and mySQL. But this is a different type of tool.

Have you looked at Formloom 4?

Hah yeah! Don’t get me started. Apparently it’s “not supposed to do that”. Anyway, I digress. I agree that Siphon is fresh, a one-of-a-kind for RW.

Beer’n’cheese. Nice!

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