Question for Siphon users

(Jason Bostick) #1

I have a support ticket into 1LD but curious if anyone knows the answer in the meantime.

I have a form setup and it all working great. However, I’m trying to get the custom email to work and I can’t seem to get it to return the results for the Siphon slide that has Checkbox/Radio as the answer option.

So, the slide is set to q3 as it’s ID. I’ve tried [q3] in my email form. I’ve also tried [q3-1][q3-2][q3-3][q3-4][q3-5][q3-6] for each of the 6 options but the email still shows up blank for that question (the other questions show up as expected).

Just curious if others have successfully done this and if I am missing something.

EDIT: Thought I should update this in case others find it. 1LD responded that there is an update coming that will fix this.