Siphon Stack: AJAX to PHP File Help Please

We are using the Siphon stack by One Little Designer to build a survey/product compiler for our customers to use in the field. For nice looking, dynamic, conditional forms Siphon can’t be beat. However, for our purposes, the email submit option isn’t ideal. The “if” stack included allows for conditional display of certain slides and data, but without that functionality for the email as well, it has made formatting an email to show our information properly a nightmare.

As an alternative, we are given the option, as shown above, for AJAX to PHP File and unfortunately it has been at least five years since I well versed in PHP. Preferably, we’d like the information for the form to be sent to a MySql database, and I’m having quite the time trying to figure this out. Not expecting someone to be able to answer all the questions needed for our rather unique situation, however, if someone could steer me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.


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Still struggling with this. Been trying to post to google form with limited success. I don’t expect someone to do this for me.

Here’s what I have in Siphon currently.

Preformatted textSubmitPreformatted text

Well that didn’t post well…

When posting code on a forum, if they have them, use the Code Tags around the code: