II'm looking for a stack that makes a column slide up?

I want to recreate a new website (http://ditunnodesign.com/) from scratch and currently, the one that I am using now was one that I purchased (https://nickcatesdesign.com/preview/rapidweaver/massv/). I love the way the column on the right slides up as you scroll down and the background stays where it is. Is there a stack that will let me achieve the same effect? If not, How do i recreate that effect? The reason why I want to change my site is i want to have a different look to the gallery. For the background, I’m going to use either Impact from Joe Workman or the vegas stack (https://www.doobox.co.uk/stacks_store/demos/vegas.html) and using Joe’s target stack along with (https://www.multithemes.com/examples/stacks/hypetitles/) for my logo.

Hi, this might not require a stack.

The background image is fixed in place, and body is transparent (except for the column on the left-hand side).

This means when you scroll down the contents of the page - because the background image never moves, you get the illusion that the column is travelling upwards.

Any theme that gives you the option of a fixed image background will do the job here.

Then just make sure to build your content in a column that doesn’t meet the full width of your site, and simply give that column a background colour - in the one you listed it’s a semi-transparent grey.

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