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I posted this question in RW general before realizing there was a Stacks forum page…

The image “names” in my website are now showing up In google searches? IE - “Stacks Image 9834”… (which is a picture of my building at the top of my homepage). This is the only website and maintain but I check frequently to see how things look in search engines.…

The website is:

I noticed there was a update for Stacks3,so I updated Stacks and re-published all files but that didn’t helped.

I was told - “You need to fill in the Alt Tag of the images” by NeilUK

I think I figured out how to add the “Alt Tag” of the offending image “Stacks Image 9834”. I made the alt tag “jonesxray”. I have cleared the cache of Firefox and Chrome and the “Stacks Image 9834” is still there. Have I done something wrong?

Still Where Exactly?

Thanks for replying. Just in a google search for jones x-ray

Oh, I see. Any changes you make will noit be instant in Google’s index or search results. It can take weeks for Google to update their index.

I had a look and your alt tag is there.

BTW here is what I get in search results for Jones X-Ray


Thanks for the information and checking that for me!

I shall wait on google… I have never seen this before. Must be a Stacks thing? or a change at google?

I guess that search result is pretty good. With only one website to maintain for a 38 year old company (an a old guy like me) that’s not a bad result… I guess?

Google never says exactly how they rank your site or what will be part of the search criteria. But every part of the page, including the alt tags is fair game.

Alt tags exist to describe the images on your page to people and devices (like search engines) that can’t see and interpret the meaning of the images.

Every image in the HTML of your page is REQUIRED to have some alt-tag to make the page valid HTML – even if the images are used for mundane purposes like bullet marks of a list or a background gradient. For this reason, and because it’s a requirement for valid code – Stacks adds automatically generated Alt Tags to every image. This is sufficient for validation – but not great for Google ranking and indexing.

To get great rank and have your image content contribute to correct indexing of the page you should give at least your prominent images an appropriate Alt Tag that describes what’s in the image or why it’s on your page. Google will pick those up and improve your rank and index your page with that new content.

But Google indexing can be SLOW – sometimes as long as 2 weeks to pick up all changes. If you dig deep into some of the Google tools there are ways to encourage Google to re-index your page. But be patient – I’ve seen many many cases where Google only indexed part of the site after a couple days – but the deeper pages didn’t get indexed for weeks.

In general, the more traffic you get from Google, the faster it will index your pages. But there are no guarantees. Google’s methods and black magic alchemy and they don’t let any of their secrets out at all.

Google is generally quite good at determining which images are prominent and important to the viewer – so you can often cut a lot of busy work and leave some of the background gradients and other fluff images with their automatic filler names. Or, especially if your business relies upon your Google search results, you can be 100% thorough and name every image on every page.

Partials can come in handy here. If you have an image that is used the same way on many pages then make it a partial and add the partial to those pages – then when adding or changing the Alt Tag to it will affect that image on every page.

Alt tags in Stacks can be editing by double clicking an image and then adding an alt tag. Here’s a quick image to show you where:

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Amazing response Isaiah. I’m mobile now but will dig-in and add Alt Tags where needed tonight!
Thank You!

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My pleasure. :slight_smile:

Also… You might also consider giving your images nice names that describe there content too. While I think that’s much less often used by Google, especially when there are nice alt tags, it can’t hurt. When your business lives and dies by Google rank, it pays to be do the extra work just in case.

If you have any other questions, just let me know.

@greg700 and I did a 3 part podcast series on images. Part 3 was all about Image SEO. You can listen to it here…


A lot of buttons on the home page say ‘sysrems’. Should this be ‘systems’?

Tip: To see every page Google has indexed on your site do the following search in the google search bar:

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“sysrems” I simply can not believe I did that… THANKS for pointing it out! I am seriously going to listen to my wife and make appointment to get glasses ASAP!

I really don’t like the buttons… need to convey this another way for sure…!

Thanks Joe. I know you do GREAT work! I will watch as soon as possible!

Joe, I was already subscribed to your podcast with Greg and can’t believe I missed that one… Just listened… Good info - Thanks for reminding me!

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