One step forward, two back... Not exporting Alt tags, again

v7.2.2 doesn’t seem to export picture Alt tags… This is one of the annoying ones that comes and goes release after release… And no, I cannot share my project file, it’s irrelevant to even ask :slight_smile:

I just tried two quick tests:

  • drag an image into a Styled Text page
  • drag an image into a Stacks page

then, in both cases i added an alt tag, and exported
in both cases the alt tag appears as expected.

My guess is that this bug that you’ve found is only triggered by some detail of how it’s being used in your site. I know you can’t share your site – that’s fine – but perhaps you could share some specific details – or mock up a test page that exhibits the same bug – and share that. That way we can see exactly what triggers the bug and either fix it or help you work around it.



That’d be nice if it was that simple, but unfortunately, this isn’t… I am using stacks in almost all my pages ( and it is up to date). Just for kicks, I re-exported my entire website and sure enough, every single alt tag in every single image on our website is gone…

OK. Then I’m afraid I’m at a loss. It’s surely some detail in your site that is triggering the problem, but without more detail I can’t begin to guess what that detail might be. I’m sorry.


That’s the recurring theme “you must have done something that triggers XYZ”… Systematically deflecting to user error is getting old… No doubt I must be doing more than one thing wrong, BUT should that be de facto answer? I do appreciate you trying, but at the same time, should RW be that fragile? I promise you I’m not doing much more than simple stuff, I’m not capable of making elaborate things in RW (see, we’ve been using RW for the last 6 years for our corporate website).

Prime example of why I might sound critical and irritated: “it must be your project file” is what I heard when 7.1 wasn’t exporting the css properly for the blog pages. I accepted that sheepishly and created redirects in my .htaccess as this was impacting our business negatively… Come to find out the “bug that didn’t exist and I must have done something wrong” got fixed in 7.2!

One thing I would say that has been fixed and works wonders is the site publishing, fast as hell! See, I’m not all negative :slight_smile:

You say you can not provide a project file, but could you put up a test site??? Most hosts will allow subdomains, and it would not be that hard to quickly put up a site that we might be able to check and this happening on a live site.

I sure did say that :slight_smile: I also shared the actual corporate website which exhibits the issue for every picture (every single one has an alt tag defined in RW)…

Crap, note to self, stop reading the forums without your glasses…

So sorry about that.

No worries Robert, appreciate you taking the time to read & reply :slight_smile: Looking at the source, there seems to be alt tags, somehow they don’t appear in browsers…

When you say they don’t appear in browsers, do you mean when you hover over them they dont appear? Or something else? It does appear, as you say, that they’ve exported to your page…

That’s an I.E. thing @jabostick Jason, in order for it to work with the W3C standards you have to add title= to the alt tag, then it will show on hover in browsers that comply with the standards.

Yeah, I was curious if that’s what William meant by ‘not appearing in browsers’ and it was just a bit of terminology mixup.

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Sorry for the confusion guys, yes, it’s the W3C issue… It used to work just fine…

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Okay you just need to add title = to the alt tag
img alt=“Example of alt text” title=“Example of title text”
And you will get the on hover text back.


For what it’s worth, @swilliam I tried that out your exact example ("Example of alt text" title="Example of title text") in the alt tag setting of a Stacks image stack and it didn’t quite work, though it did work in a Foundation image stack. (I didn’t publish live, just did the Preview in Browser). I think it might be the quotations, perhaps, so maybe if you play around with those it would come out right…


This is how I had to put it into the Stacks image stack settings: Example of alt text' title='Example of title text and it worked. Note the single quote marks (it didnt work with double) and note the lack of quotes at the beginning and end (because Stacks adds those automatically).

This was just trial and error but it worked for my test. I’m sure @isaiah could say if there’s a better way to add a title tag


Thanks guys, this sounds like a painful workaround… That being said, I swear it did work before without this… The reason I noticed is a new page created from copying an existing one showed the old alt tags, once I made the changes and republished, the alt tag display was entirely gone…

I appreciate it sounds like I’m deflecting. However this is simply not the case. I’m just trying to help.

I can plainly see that most users do not have this problem. And I certainly don’t see it myself. And it’s obvious that you do see the problem. The simplest way to get to the bottom of that conundrum is to understand what might be different about your environment that is triggering the bug.

This is not to say that this bug is your fault – or you are in any way to blame – or imply it’s up to you to fix. It’s not your fault, you are not to blame, and it’s my job to fix. Promise. :smiley:

t’s just the only way I know to find a well hidden bug.

I will, of course, file this report, investigate the general area of code in Stacks – and if I notice anything it will be fixed – however without any other clues that’s pretty unlikely to yield many results. We’re talking thousands of lines of code – needles and haystacks, you know. :wink:

If anyone else has any clues to this bug, or can provide any other detail, can share a file that exhibits this behavior, or knows how to make it happen, just let me know. I’ll jump on it.



Understood, Isaiah :slight_smile: I’m not trying to vent on someone, I genuinely want to use the product that has served us so well for many years (including Stacks)… At this point, it looks like there is an ugly workaround (see above) at least… The alt tags seem to be all there, hopefully the search engines “see them” and don’t punish us for W3C non-compliance…

offer stands: if anyone has info into how to make this happen (for those of us that don’t seem to be able to) then please let me know. i’d love to help.