Image names in google search

The image “names” in my website are now showing up In google searches? IE - “Stacks Image 9834”…

I noticed there was a update for Stacks3, Dit that and re-published all files but that hasn’t helped. The website is:

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

You need to fill in the Alt Tag of the images.

Thanks for your quick reply Neil.

If I may ask, I’ve never noticed this before. This is the only website and maintain but I check frequently to see how things look in search engines.… When did this become an issue?

I figured out how to add the “Alt Tag” of the offending image “Stacks Image 9834” with is a picture of our building at the top of the home page. I made the alt tag “jonesxray”. I have cleared the cache of Firefox and Chrome and the “Stacks Image 9834” is still there. Have I done something wrong?

It looks like you’ve post a couple threads on this ( tisk tisk :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: ) … so I’ll just point to my answer on the other one here: Image Alt Tag names in google search

Looks like your edited Alt Tag is in there! Perfect. Yeah! :grinning:
Now just for the waiting for Google to re-index the page. Booo! :confused:

Maybe this might help too:
Search: How to get Google to reindex site

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