Images not publishing in Firefox

The published web site is complete in Safari but has missing images in Firefox. I have gone back and replaced those images with new copies but the same iages refuse to appear in Firefox - only the file names in type, but no image. Any suggestions? Thank you.


A url would be helpful… any special characters or spaces in image names? when you hover over the broken link in Firefox is the path correct?

Directions to go…


Thanks for the response. There is nothing shown when I “hover” or click on the missing images except those images that have a link assigned seem to work - the click goes to the link, but is still missing when I return to the original page. The URL is I cannot blame RW since everything displays correctly in Safari so has been properly uploaded. I have tried this on one other machine and had the same responses (OK in Safari, not in Firefox).
And the same showed for Brian at RealMac help, whose holiday I probably ruined with this.

On which specific pages are the images not appearing?

You’ve got an errant metatag in the homepage…

<meta name="head" content="<meta name="google-site-verification" content="HRkjaAWWH85QN_WwgL83JLskpkjmM_BTXPEL1jsbmuE" />" />

OK. I have worked over the site extensively and then checked the on line presentation. Basically, every page is missing something but some pages are missing a bunch. Are the terms “graphic” and “image” interchangeable? I think of a graphic as a line drawing or a schematic and an image as a photograph. In that use, both the swirl graphics and the item images are likely to be missing. It is more often the graphics, but many images
are missing as well. When they are omitted, the file name is displayed in their place.
I think I also cleaned up the metatag.

Could I get a link to the page that isn’t working, please?

H there ,
you might need to check the Home link on this page - as it appears to point to

May also help your site to use jpg files rather than png’s some files can come down from 800 kB down to 100 KB :slightly_smiling: which will really speed up the page loads

All the images (the photographs) come out of Photoshop Elements as gifs.
they are changed by RW in the publishing process. I am trying several forms on the graphics (the line drawings) in an attempt to get them to publish for
Firefox. So far, I have tried .jpeg and .gif.
Thanks for the reply,

Here are inks to two pages where there is trouble with the same two images
with their attending graphics. The first is,
by name Jewelry (all), with the trouble on the second and third items on the page. The second page is, by name
Bracelets Only, where the same two images do not print. There is one difference here.
On the one page, the two graphics print but on the other both the graphics and their attending images are missing. I hope this helps.
Thanks again for staying on this.