Images not Displaying in Firefox or Chrome. Fine in Safari

I’ve built a little animated banner (using BWD Sections Box/Pro). Just noticed that even though it works in Safari it is not working in either Firefox or Chrome. The animation is there but the image is just a filler called “My Image”. I have checked all the permissions for the site (within Firefox and Chrome) and all images are allowed. Incidentally the mobile version of Firefox works fine too. Any suggestions?

Just to let you know, it’s working on my iPad with ios10, not a help to you re Chrome but at least you know it works there.

Thanks Paul. And yeah, iPhone and iPad work fine. It’s just Mac Firefox and Chrome that aren’t working.

Perhaps I’ve solved it. Swapped out the .pngs for .jpg versions and now it seems okay. But I’d love to hear from someone who could tell me why?

That is just a foundation image stack and I also see it not displaying in chrome or firefox.

There is something wrong with those two images.

I downloaded the hammer one from your site, put it in a Foundation Image stack with nothing else on the page (except site styles) and it has exactly the same problem in Chrome and Firefox whereas all other png’s that I have work fine.

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and here’s what happens when I try to open those png’s in PhotoShop - safe to say that the files are messed up in some way

Thanks Andrew. And yeah, kind of figured that out. Weird though that Safari would let them slide.

But all’s well that ends well.

I’ve worked it out - opened it in preview and got this…

so I renamed it from .png to .psd and then it opens in Photoshop and can be exported as a proper png

They are photoshop files - how the hell Safari displays them is quite remarkable!