Image size: desktop and mobile phone

Hi everybody, just a short question concerning a problem I can’t figure out myself: I just updated my website
It looks fine on my desktop, but when looking at it on my mobile phone, the images on the home page are way too big. What’s the propber way to have them “small” on the phone, too? I am using the lander pro theme and rapidweaver classic. Please help :slight_smile: Thanx!

Don’t have the theme so can’t check but the example page shows blog page images resizing properly on mobile phones:

Maybe it’s something in the theme’s settings you are forgetting to enable.

@MultiThemes might be able to take a look, or you can send us the project file so we can.

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In the theme options make sure to check the option: “StyledText+Blog: Fluid image (edge to edge)” ( the same for all RWplugin)

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Both in lander and leaderPro provide the same option

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