RW7 Banner images look very different on desktop vs. mobile

Firstly, kudos on RW7 - it’s a real joy to use. I was able to easily revamp my RW6 site, which was really just a converted RW5 site, into a modern looking site. It’s still a work in progress.

I’m using Voyager Pro as my theme and have used a variety of photos in the new “banner images” feature. These images look as expected on desktop browsers like Safari and Chrome, but when the site is viewed in the same browsers on iOS, the banner images show only a very zoomed in portion of that image.

As well, I’m using a limited number of Parallax stack sections which again work great on the desktop, but only show fixed images on mobile.

Any advice on what settings I might need to change would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
My site:

Try setting banner height to flexible and uncheck the lock banner box.

I tried Flexible and unlock on a site, the banner was even smaller!

I found that adjusting each page according to the banner image needs was the best option for me.

Thanks for the suggestion though.

Thanks - I’ll try that!

Also, an updated Voyager Pro theme came out today, so I’m downloading now to re-try.


I was about to ask the same question. When I click the “lock banner background image” feature it zooms the banner way up - beyond the size of the native image.

I have faith Adam can get it fixed. He fixed the non-responsive blog image problem in less than 24 hours!

So I did as ChrisL suggested - flexible banner height and unchecked the lock banner box. It worked! Only thing is, I lose the photo-scrolling effect. But I’m happy to lose that in exchange for full banner photos showing on mobile. Thanks ChrisL!

The theme update didn’t seem to have an affect on this issue . . .

@jarroddale: The image gets zoomed in when Lock Banner Background Image is enabled because the image is no longer having to fill just the banner area – it now has to fill the entire browser window so that everything can scroll over top of it. This is just how the CSS for this parallax-like effect works.

Ah ha! That is why! Thanks Adam. Would love to see Lock Banners enabled for Desktop only in a future version if possible. With so much content being viewed on mobile, I can’t imagine utilizing a feature that would look awful on mobile like Lock Banners option does now.

Thanks for the insight! Really helpful.

Can I ask about the term: “revamp?” Its a little off your topic.

Are you recreating the site as a parallel project in RW7,
or do you have a shortcut to converting the older site into a RW 7 site?

II’ll have a look to see if there’s some room for improvement.

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Thanks Adam - I really love the Voyager Pro theme!

The original site was created in RW 5 and was left kind of dormant for a while. I think there was a file format change during RW6(?), so all I did then was open and re-save the old site in 6. Now with 7, I actually opened the old 6 site and dug into revamping it using a new theme and updating/adding content.

I’m still fine tuning and will be adding more pages soon, and it’s a real pleasure working in RW7.

Our shop doesn’t do websites as a service, but I’m now considering it for small projects using RW7.


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Thanks for the response.
The term “revamp” doesn’t entirely describe a process.

I read that as saying that you are doing this as a new parallel project in RW7, creating a new replacement site for the old one using RW7 as your application. That you are reusing old content as well as adding new content, but have no conversion process for the RW6 site.

Thanks again.