Image size for new social tags feature

The new social tags feature of Rapidweaver 8 has an option for an image. Is there a recommended size for this image, that will work optimally in social media?


The images RapidWeaver uses are open graph metadata. Facebook (creators of the OG standard) suggest at least 1200 x 630 pixels.

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Thanks for the info Doug. As a test, I activated the “social tag” feature, and the code it produces is all Twitter specific… not sure if it works on any social media besides Twitter. Not only that, but it appears that one has to have a Twitter account for it to be of much use. In other words, it is supposed to be used in your own Twitter feed. As far as I can tell anyway. Since I am not on Twitter, I probably won’t use this new feature after all.

Actually, looking closer at the code, it starts off with a lot of Twitter code first, but there is OG code generated as well. Interesting.

They are so that if someone (or you) post a link to one of your pages they get a rich link instead of just a url, some forums support rich links so, the link below ‘should’ appear as such here.

…and it doesn’t in this forum, so here’s a screenshot of how the link looks elsewhere

This site will preview richlinks
Try in it to see what I mean.

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Paul, thanks for your thoughts. Implementing social tags definitely is a good idea!

I am using Foundation, and just realized that I have not implemented the included “SEO Helper Stack”, which appears to be a far more powerful social tag engine than the built-in Rapidweaver version. So, I will give the SEO Helper Stack a go.

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