Social Tag Image Size

I really welcome the Social Tag functionality in RW8. However, if I am understanding correctly how the developers expect this to be used, I am coming up against a problem over image size. If I have the wrong end of the stick here, I will be grateful to be corrected.

If I opt for the automatic creation of Social Tags on every page (General Settings) then RW8 chooses for me that I want the twitter:card to be “summary” type. From what I can surmise, I am then supposed to supply an image on each page that will be used by both Facebook and Twitter and any other platforms which process OpenGraph tags. This is where the problem starts because Facebook advocate/require the image proportions to be 1200 x 630 while the Twitter summary card proportions are 1:1 , i.e. square. My experience has been that if I keep Facebook happy with a 1200x630 image, then Twitter (for the summary card) will not use this image at all. Obviously I could put a twitter:card summary_large_image tag in, but these get popped in the source code before the automatic ones, so I am assuming that the automatic summary one overrides my large image one. That’s what seems to be happening.

I am a bit concerned that I haven’t seen anyone else questioning this, so it’s quite possible that I have misunderstood how this is supposed to work.



OK, the thrust of my question still applies; however I have established that Twitter not processing the image at all is caused by the known bug (still there in 8.0.3) of RW not supplying the full url for the social image. If I edit the code directly on the server to give the full url, Twitter picks it up, but, as I anticipated, crops it horribly.

Wouldn’t it be better for the automatic twitter:card to be set to summary_large_image, since that would probably work for both social platforms?

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