Image slider inside a device container

I’m looking to make a site for my new app. Could you recommend me a stack or plugin I could use in order to show an image slider that’s framed within an iPhone, iPad or Mac? A nice bonus would be if it could show a video inside an iPhone, iPad or Mac frame too.



I think it is part of Hop

Thanks, Joe. I’ve searched the Weavium site and browsed through Hop, but I haven’t been able to find any reference to that iPhone container stack. Where did you find that screenshot?

It’s in the Examples section.

Alternatively, there’s this - - and there’s a 50% sale on at the moment.

Don’t think it’ll do video though.


Take a look at
You can try the demo before buying

Thanks. I couldn’t find it for Hop, but I bought iMac Stage as it fit the bill well. And then, I bough showcase ultra too. :slight_smile: Thanks a bunch for your input!

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