Images disappear after a few seconds

Hi, I designed this website - - back in 2015 and regularly edit and add to it.

Recently I’ve discovered that the images on all pages are loading, but are disappearing after a couple of seconds leaving an empty container. But only on certain platforms, mainly laptop, iPad, iPhone and on some desktop computers. It looks totally fine on my iMac.

The theme is Summer by Brandon Lee Design who I don’t think offers support anymore. I have re-downloaded the theme from his website, but I duplicate themes and rename and edit for individual projects (I may use the same theme for different websites) - if I’ve updated the ‘basic’ theme to latest version, does that update copy across to my duplications?

I can see the images on the server in their correct folders and I’ve spoken to the host company who can’t see any issues.

I’ve emptied caches regularly. I’ve done a clean Export and replaced all files on server with new files.

Using RW 8.6.2, latest version of Stacks and all Stacks updated. Mac OS10.15.5. Permissions on individual image files are set to 644.

Any hints would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Tony

Is it every image on every page?

I’m not seeing it on the link above.

I can see all the images to the links on the first page are missing including your logo image. The link to your logo image throws a 404 error.

As the image isn’t found I end up here

Hmmm. A bit more testing and the images are only missing on my Mac. Using firefox on windows 10 and they are there.

Yes, every image, every page - even the Captcha photo of numbers & letters has disappeared on a form.

Teefers and Pyrobrit thanks for looking here - I’ve just dragged all the relevant folders/files to create the front page (only) onto a sub page of my website - - the problem has disappeared. So it must be a hosting server issue?

I had a quick look. When your images load they are of the form “stacks-image-6622a97-410x224.jpg” but when they dissappear they are now “stacks-image-6622a97-410x2242x.jpg”

So I’m guessing you have some sort of retina code enabled but no images for it?

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Thanks Greg, yes I see, you may be onto something. I don’t specifically cater for retina images - I mainly use good quality images and then size as accurately as possible (eg, half page width then 500px) and optimise in Photoshop. Where would I disable ‘retina code’?

Sorry, Tony, I cannot help directly. I’m sure someone else here can though. You are loading “retina.js” but I’m not sure what does this. If worst comes to worst you could just duplicate your images and add the “2x” bit. The images appear to be inside a Foundation “fluid image” stack so maybe that needs configuration.

No problem Greg, I appreciate your help. As I say, this website has been fine for five years, some recent ‘update’ has done something. The Fluid Image Stack is from Joe Workman who I’ve also emailed!
WelI I’ll be … l just deleted retina.js from the server and all looks good on all my troublesome platforms. Could you have a quick look and confirm please? Tony

Yes. All working fine now! No dissappearing images!

Thanks for your help Greg, I would never have got there without you! Must be some conflict between latest Stacks / Fluid Image update and the Summer theme script. Maybe time for a fresh (newer) theme. Tony

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