The case of the vanishing images

My website is When I click on The Girls from the Home Page, the images of the 6 members of my group do not show up. However, when I click Home on that page, then click The Girls again…they show up. What is going on? I’m using the ImageShine stack and the Blocks Theme. Please help!

If you just stay in the girls’ page and refresh it will skip around showing anywhere from 1-6 images.

One it even showed the same image twice.

Have you tested it in another theme to see if the conflict carries over?

That would be a good way of starting to narrow down what the problem may be.

I think there are a few things to say about this page:

  1. When I look at errors on the page, I see some resources are missing. If the page seems to work OK within RapidWeaver and is only broken on the published website, then I think perhaps something just went wrong with the publish and your should republish all files. This seems like the most likely cause of the issues. And it’s easy to fix.
    There is more info here on that problem/solution:

  2. If the page also seems broken within RapidWeaver, then I think the problem is probably something more insidious and it will likely be difficult to debug without seeing the entire RapidWeaver file. If this is the case you should probably contact and send us this page in a new file so that we can have a look at it.

  3. I noticed that you are using both Stacks and Blogs on this page. I do not know that this is related to the problem at hand at all – but I still wanted to urge you not to do this.
    Both Blocks and Stacks are designed to do layout – Blocks is designed to do fixed position layout – Stacks is designed to do fluid responsive layout – these two things don’t really get along very well. Attempting to combine the two will likely just cause grief.


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Thanks everyone. I think you’re right - it’s an issue of compatibility between blocks/stacks following one of the stacks updates. I removed the ImageShine stack from the page and just posted the images directly (oh well, no special effects anymore). I suspect that perhaps something in the ImageShine updates changed the way the 2 systems communicate since this page has been totally functional like this for over a year. Thanks for all your help!