Why do my images keep diappearing after a few days?

Has anyone figured out a way to make sure images are saved in Rapidweaver ? I know I clicked the save button but its still hasn’t worked. Now all my hard work is undone. Here I spent hours working on a big site and I save it and come back and the images are gone some with error exclamation marks near them. I have no time machine back up. I know I should but I dont. This is beyond frustrating. Also I dont run any applications like clean my Mac or anything . The images disappearing is horrible. Any help would be appreciated . I have no idea why this keeps happening! Nothing will give you stress like seeing all your hard work undone.

First thing that comes to my mind is this: are you sure that image file names do not contain illegal characters and/or spaces?

Are your plugins all up to date?


How do I update my plugins?

I’m not sure, but it looks like you moved the original images at your Mac to a new destination or disconnect a external drive or server.