Images Linked or Embedded in RW8 File?

Hi chaps, just a quick question, tried looking in forum but couldn’t find the answer.

Being a new user to Rapidweaver/Stacks/Foundation I started off a test site to play around with all the functions, but as I am currently and have been getting the hang of it quite quickly the test site has actually turned in to the working site for a client. I wasn’t expecting that to happen so didn’t plan out my folder structure for my site assets (PNGs/JPGs etc).

As I result I’m wondering if the RW8 project file contains all assets used within the file when saved, so I only have to archive this file? It does look quite big at 1.3MB when only a few pages, all images are web optimised before added to the project so are not large, just quite a few of them.

Or is it a case that I am best reordering my folder structure and re-embedding all images if they link through to the project file and archive the RW8 project file and assets folder?

Many thanks

If you drag them into the an image stack, then the images are copied into the project file. The originals are no longer needed after that. They’re original location on your hard drive is not important and there’s no need to maintain that original location except as a backup of your data (which is always a good idea, of course).


Thanks Isaiah, really apprecited.

No problem. :slight_smile:

Another good option is to “warehouse” the images by placing them on your server – then using the Foundation Image stack’s warehouse feature to link directly to the image. If you have many carefully named images this can also be a good workflow.

That’s interesting, I have seen the term Warehouse mentioned on the forum but it hasn’t yet registered with me what it is, I was just presuming it was a stock library like Unsplash. A really good idea, bit like the media library in WP, upload once and use many times instead of replicating multiple instances. Thanks again for the tip Isaiah.

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