How to relink all images to a new local drive

hi, please forgive me if i am being really dim. i store all images and files on a local server but have the main rapidweaver project files on my main computer. i am working abroad for a few months and copied all the images/files onto a new drive to bring with me, thinking i could simply relink them to the new drive. only to discover that i have no idea how to do that. the more i have investigated, the more problematic it seems. i’d be really grateful if anyone could tell me if it’s possible and if so, how I go about that. thanks so much.

Unless someone knows more than I (quite possible) this is a manual operation whereby you have to, one-by-one, relink resource files and in-project files to the drive you have copied to.

However, the fact that the links are missing in the project should not affect their visibility on the website itself. When you ftp your site from within RW, it is non-destructive i.e. it will add new and changed files and their links but will not remove the ones already there. Hence you can republish a site where all the resources links are broken between your project and the drive the files are on, but the links will remain in place on the web server.

Do you really mean you store them on a local server or do you refer to a local disk? You are running a web server locally?

And do you mean a “copy” of your images or the actual served up images? When “warehousing” images they are typically put (stored) on the same server as your site (web host.)

Best is to use the portable document format in RW.


Hi and thanks for your help. sorry my terminology is poor. i’ve been using rw for my business site for quite a long time, but self-taught with all things computerised!

what i mean is that i have a large storage drive (with 2 x drives inside that it writes to simultaneously, after a major loss with a drive going down). my mac is connected to it via ethernet. i didnt want to bring it away as it has so much on it.

i can open rapidweaver fine and make minor adjustments. i can even export rw pages after minor adjustments. but i cannot save files or add in any new stacks and every so often it all freezes and tells me
"There was a problem connecting to the server “”. at which point it just freezes looking for it.

the online site is unaffected.

having read all i can, i realise that i should either be warehousing the images on my website server, or when copying my images to a new drive, should have used mac migration manager. but i really thought i’d just be able to relink one image and rw would find the missing links easily, as i have done with other applications in the past. but it seems it’s not so easy. its a large website and i have simply drag and dropped the images into the pages, they are not all saved into resources.

many thanks for your help. it turns out i was being dim. i have upgraded my rw to the latest application and it seems to have totally resolved my problem. thank you for your assistance, much appreciated.

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