Local files ... drag & drop 😕

Hi All,

Quick question from a commoner / amateur.

When dragging & dropping images into stacks that do not support “warehoused images” from local files i.e… desktop folder, does that folder have to remain in the same place @ all times? For my sanity I have created a folder on my desktop called “website data base”, which is growing on a daily basis. I assume if the folder gets renamed or moved it will create havoc?

Thank you in advance

Hi Dana, in my experience, images dragged into a stack is stored in the project but I guess there could be exceptions to the rule. So in most cases, the image is not linked to its location on the hard disk.

Thanks … I’m just about done creating all 250 +or- pages ready to add images and didn’t want any surprises!

You’re welcome. It might be a good idea to create a test project with one instance of each of the image stacks you are using.

Drag in the images, save and close the project and then rename the image folder in Finder before reopening the RW project. If everything looks ok, you’re good to go!

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Good to go …

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Great stuff, let us know how it turns out!