Data loss going from RW5 to RW8

I have a large collection site that is organized alphabetically. The bottom level of data are primarily JPG images. Because of the size, the site is really 10 separate site linked together by redirects. I am opening RW5 files in RW8. RW8 makes its own version. I some cases this is successful and operates as I expect . However, in some case it performs like things are OK but the JPG image are not there. The structure of the site seems to make it through but not the data.
Thanks for any advice.

The advice here is to warehouse images, so that your RW project keeps small.

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warehousing images is definitely a good way to go. but this process should work. and definitely shouldn’t cause data loss. if the files that fail, fail every time you try, then i’d advise sending one of to Realmac Software support – with such a repeatable problem you should be able to find it and fix it.

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but after sending it – i’d do as @instacks advises and work on warehousing the images so that you can have a much smaller and easier to work with file.


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