Images show up in preview but not on online

I’m a beginner, maybe I did something wrong. My home page has 48 thumbnail images that you click on to bring up a lightbox for each. I’m using RW8 with stacks 3 and the lightbox is Nick Cates’ “Photo” stack. Images are fairly small jpegs loaded in resources, named correctly, no spaces. Everything looks and works great in preview but after publishing it today with A2hosting the images don’t show. Other pages without images look fine. Any ideas? Thanks.

Did you also provide a thumbnail image? From what I can remember about “Photo”, you need to provide the full sized lightbox image and a thumbnail (smaller) image that is shown on the page.

Looks like all of your images are missing. Have you tried Republishing all files??

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I just republished the site and everything works fine now. Thanks!


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